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Intercom repair is serving the south east of London and right across the south of the UK, bringing quality at an affordable price. A full design and installation can be provided for intercoms and access control security systems.

For large sites we can fit access control systems that are fully controlled from your PC giving you full control over the site, also employe's level of security and clearance to restricted areas. We can design the layout of the system to your requirements including mechanical code locks for low security doors, biometrics, door closers, elctro mechanical locks or magnetic locks for controlled areas.

Also for residential or small commercial sites we can offer smaller systems with all the same security of the larger systems and with total control by the end user by their pc or stand alone control panel.

Also we are offrering to supply and fit the visonics powermax complete, powermax express and powermax pro wireless alarm systems, the visonics alarm system is a proffessional wireless souloution for anyone who is in need of a wireless alarm installation.

With features such as on board communicator for remote communication you can always confident that your property and family are safe.

The system allows the end user to have perimeter protection right around the house on doors and windows without the need for expensive and time consuming cabling.

This will allow you to be in the property and be able to arm the alarm system while your there and be completely protected from any intruder, perimeter protection will detect any forced entry on any door or window and trigger the alarm before entry is gained.
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