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eCommerce Solutions

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The Internet has become the most important driver for sales with Web content influencing 48% of offline sales. The .ie Domain Registry (IEDR) revealed that only 66pc of Irish businesses had websites and of these a mere 21pc had e-commerce capability.

With the introduction of social networking platforms, interactive smartphone’s and tablets and digital catalogs, the world of eCommerce has changed. Since customers tend to use these technologies to enhance their shopping experiences, the demand for convenient shopping experiences and better valued products will only get higher. That’s why it’s essential for any serious company expecting to be successful in the e-commerce industry to adhere to these demands. Hailstorm Commerce can help you be successful.

Benefits of eCommerce:
Your Online Shop is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - make money in your sleep. Imagine walking into the office in the morning to discover that you made a dozen sales overnight! Today’s time - poor consumers shop at midnight as well as midday, so your 24 - hour web shop could capture sales you didn’t even know you were missing out on.
Reduce your overheads - setup and operational costs are significantly cheaper than selling from a physical store, directly improving your bottom line. There is no rent to pay, no staff considerations and no landlords to worry about!
Simplify your sales processes - using simple automation, customer orders can go directly to your products database and into the shipping queue. With a well - designed online store you can improve your sales processes considerably, whiteucing your costs further or selling more products per transaction.
Go global overnight - increase sales opportunities by gaining instant access to a wider marketplace. Sell to the entire country and even abroad!
Get paid faster - the online payment system is instantaneous and will help improve your cash - flow
Find new types of customers – by creating targeted pages for the products you sell, you’ll broaden your reach to a wider variety of customers from new demographics. Selling flowers? Target men, mothers and students with web pages created for Valentine's, Mother's Day and Graduation.
Keep better track of what sells - with the automated processes possible in an online store, you’ll know what sells best so you can optimize your offerings and manage your inventory efficiently.

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