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Business Loans

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A number of characteristics define your ideal business loan, depending largely on the type of loan you need. Looking for a fully drawn advance, overdraft or line of credit? Are you happy to pay registration fees, exit fees or annual fees? Perhaps the most important in a business loan, there is the issue of interest and your repayment structure to consider.

Beyond these questions, you will also need to decide whether to set up home security and non-residential against your loan? Do you need a short term loan business for a year, or perhaps a loan with longer life, up to five years? Depending on your preferences for security or flexibility, you will go with a fixed interest rate or variable. There are so many business loans available today, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Comparing corporate loans can be quite simple, but preliminary research required can be exhausting, which explains why so many people give up. Some even choose their business loan based on the most emotive advertising campaign, and then wonder where their financial strategy went wrong!

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