Mobile Phone Recycling For Cash Ireland

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Mobile Phone Recycling For Cash Ireland

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Posted on 16 February, by admin under mobile phone donation
Ireland is a great example, when it comes to recycling old phones. They have a scheme taking place that should be the envy of countries around the world. Before 2005, the Irish public didn’t really bother recycling their old mobile handsets. All that changed for the better ….

Today, in Ireland mobile phone recycling is at large. Back in 2005 a company called Returnbatt Limited, teamed up with Vodafone, to be in charge of all recycling that takes place in Ireland via the Vodafone network. The great thing about the approach that Returnbatt have taken to old mobile phone recycling is that all proceeds are donated to a popular Irish charity project, Conservation Volunteers Ireland.

So you are not only helping the environment by recycling your mobile phone, and ensuring that your old battered out mobile doesn’t end up on a local land fill site. You’re also helping to fund an environmental group that’s actively taking part in conserving the environment in and around Ireland. Can you think of a better excuse to recycle your mobile?

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